Simon Everett, Ltd.

Simon Everett is an analytic design firm. We structure and implement analytic engagements to help government agencies, businesses, and non-profits solve problems, large and small. Whether our clients seek to create capabilities, improve processes, or inform decisions, we offer the proven ability to address their needs. Our consultative approach blends analytic agility with interdisciplinary expertise to produce functionally and aesthetically impactful results. We are successful when our clients tell us they can achieve better outcomes.

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We're different. Here's why.

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We solve problems creatively.

There are no cookie cutters in our toolset. We don’t hawk a specific product or solution. Instead, we put more work in at the beginning of each engagement to accurately diagnose the challenge, and then we chart a tailored path for solving it effectively.

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We have an adaptable business model.

When our clients need dedicated, full-time analytic support, we will gladly provide it. However, project-based models are often more efficient. Our competitors often pass over these engagements because of inherent risk and complexity, but we thrive on them.

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We keep it real.

We make important decisions for our clients and for ourselves. They must be grounded in honest assessments. We don’t fudge the facts — we report what we know and qualify what we think. We always provide our candid answer, even if it’s not what our clients expect — or want — to hear.

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We provide real professional development.

We enable our employees to play to their strengths, and we give them the tools and runway to address areas for improvement. Optimized employees are happy and productive, meaning that our clients always get the best results.

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We have fun.

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. When we’re happy, we achieve better results, and our clients enjoy working with us.

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We sweat the details.

Ideas lose impact when they are poorly presented. This is always true — whether we’re giving a speech, developing a deliverable, or “only” writing an e-mail. But we’re not just talking about grammar; we value clarity of expression, aesthetics, and adaptive communication.

We get the job done.

We don’t measure success by the number of hours we spend at our desks or how many initiatives we’ve started. What counts is delivering results. That’s it.

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